Wednesday, April 14, 2021

Selkirk History Faire coming up this weekend

photo-5-3An annual re-enactment is getting set for another year along the Syne River, just outside of Wallaceburg.

The Selkirk History Faire will be taking place on Saturday, August 29 to Sunday, August 30 at MacDonald Park on the St. Clair Parkway. The event runs from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. both days.

Cathy Tiffin, organizer of the event, says it is for the benefit of the children.

“Still they have the battle of 1812 viewed before they go high school and it’s a very educational thing for them. They can talk one-on-one with soldiers.”

Tiffin said people can pass by and interact with the re-enactors.

“They look and they see them cooking and they see them sitting doing things and they just look and then they walk past,” she said. “They are there, the soldiers and the people are there in the tents and in their settings for you to talk to and for them to answer and you get first hand information about what is going on and how they lived in those days. These people have been doing this for a lot of years and you’re actually a pager of history. That’s what you are when your sitting at the park and you see us.”

Tiffin said it doesn’t cost a thing to get in.

“Now if you want to make a donation that’s fine but we are not asking for a donation,” she said. “It’s free because of the kids. When people have two and three kids and they have to go somewhere, it costs them an awful lot of money to get in by the time you count up adults money and childrens money, plus food. This does not cost anything.”

Tiffin said she encourages people to come out and bring a picnic lunch and a blanket.

“We would rather you didn’t bring chairs because it takes away from the ambience of the history,” she said. “So bring a blanket, throw it down and spend the day. We have dancers, musicians going around, we got blacksmiths coming. The kids can make ropes and candles and there is also quail writing. The Sombra Museum is coming down to do quail writing.”

Tiffin added: “It’s very educational. Mostly it’s for the kids benefit.”

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