Thursday, December 2, 2021

The six letter ‘swear word’ that comes after fall


By Glen Turner – Special to the Sydenham Current

You know it’s that time.

When the nights get longer, and the days get so much shorter.

When most ads are ‘Back To School’.

When the kids around you talk about little else.

When the PARENTS talk about little else.

When the parking lots at most schools are filled with Teacher’s cars.

When the sweet corn is almost done.

When the bird poop on your car has that purple tinge, instead of being white. (They’re eating fruit!)

When you start realizing that there were many summer things you wanted to do, but never got around to many of them.

When you seriously think about buying fall mums.

When you start thinking about getting your snowblower serviced.

When you actually finish freezing your ‘winter food’ from your own garden.

Now, the real sickos among us are actually thinking about Christmas shopping, but that’s a little much!

Of course, many of us are hoping that the damned mosquitoes will be done soon, along with ticks and fleas….

…but that means that boating, swimming and fishing will be done too. DAMN!

Yes, we are starting down that long tunnel that takes us to…dare I say it….win…wint…winte…..


That word is now a six-letter swear word to me.

Please don’t use it around me.

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