Old brown shoe becoming a Wallaceburg fixture

Whether it was kicked to the curb, tired of being walked on all it’s life, or simply given up in the hunt for its ‘sole-mate’, an old brown shoe is becoming a fixture in Wallaceburg.

Located for the past few weeks on Murray Street, right beside the turning lane onto McNaughton Avenue, the piece of footwear has planted itself as part of the roadway.

The Sydenham Current captured a few photos of the stranded sneaker:

old brown show 2

old brown show 1

old beown shoe 3

We couldn’t help but refer to an old song by the Beatles, for clues as to how the shoe ended up as Murray Street’s new permanent pylon.

Possibly it was left behind by a “short haired girl who sometimes wears it twice as long” or potentially a “singer wearing rings on every finger.”

However, our findings were inconclusive.

Here is the song for reference:

Regardless of how OBS found its way to one of Wallaceburg’s busiest streets, we hope the ‘proper steps’ are taken to rectify the issue.

If anyone has any information about the lonesome loafer, please feel free to comment below.


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