Just arrived at CK Spices, Coffee & Teas in Wallaceburg! Fresh Gourmet Coffee from Las Chicas Del Café!

CK Spices, Coffee & Teas features Las Chicas Del Café Gourmet Coffee! They come in 454g (1lb) bags.
Our fresh shipment of Las Chicas Del Café Gourmet Coffees have just arrived at CK Spices, Coffee & Teas! They are a small family Gourmet Coffee roaster located in St. Thomas, Ontario. They are the only women owned & operated coffee roasters in Ontario.

We have:
Don Rey’s Private Reserve – Light/Classic Breakfast Roast.
A light roast that delivers a great first impression of bright flavours and clean aftertaste.

Don Rey’s Private Reserve – Viennese Roast
Don Rey’s Viennese Roast A deep chocolate toned full bodied coffee in a Medium Roast.

Don Rey’s Private Reserve – Dark/Continental Roast
Dark Roast, Full Body.

We also have a Selection of Las Chicas Del Café Flavored Gourmet Coffee available in:
Chocolate, Hazelnut, Caremal Crunch, Autumn Spice, Butter Pecan, French Vanilla and Irish Cream.

Selecting Your Roast recommendations made by Las Chicas Del Café “Light roasts are great for appreciating the subtle flavours and sweet and bright notes in coffee. A light roast can exude a fresh citrus and flowery aroma. As we move towards the end of the roast spectrum those citrus notes can turn into caramel or chocalate.
Ask yourself these questions? Do you enjoy a black cup of coffee? If so, you might like to appreciate the bright, citrusy, notes of a great classic Breakfast roast. And if you are looking for more caramel notes? A medium City Roast would be great.
Do you generally enjoy your coffee with milk? Perhaps the chocolate notes and clean finish of a Viennese roast would suit you best. No? And if cream is what you add to coffee, then a smooth Continental roast would provide the heavy body you crave.
Darker roasts tend to have heavier bodies, longer aftertastes, and chocolately and smoky notes. Among coffee drinkers that enjoy their coffee with cream, the Continental roast is one of their favourites. ”

For more info on our coffee check out our website http://ckspicescoffeeandteas.weebly.com/coffee.html

217 Creek Street, Wallaceburg.
e-mail: info@ckspicecoffeeandteas.ca
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