Stop by Rustics in Mitchell’s Bay


Mitchell’s Bay has traditionally be known for it’s great fishing, hunting, and beautiful scenery.

However, there is a new feature in town that is worth the trip all on its own.

Leslie Janssens, owner of Rustics By The Bay, said they have a lot of unique items in their store.

“We don’t carry a ton of one thing,” she said. “We bring in a couple pieces so when it’s here and it’s unique you won’t find it again. It’s usually a lot of really, really old items. Last year we brought in 12 pane windows that were from a home that was built in the 1800’s and then just went like crazy.”

Leslie said they bring in a lot of the old unique windows.

“We like to go old,” she said. “Like the ones you can get early 1900’s. A lot of old antique pieces that we will bring in that we will keep natural or we will chalk paint.”

Leslie said they will feature a lot of old wooden decoys that they bring in.

“A lot of them are 1940’s to 1950’s. A lot of hunters collect and are big into that. If someone just wants a decoy, they could put it in the cottage or in their den. Predominately it’s for the men as decoration for the man cave. A lot of men are duck hunters, I know a fair amount and that’s why we carry them.

Leslie added: “We carry some of the foam decoys too that have actually been used for hunting and have the bullet holes in them. We have other man cave items, or a cottage, cabin, rec room.”

Leslie said they are always on the lookout for unique end tables, coffee tables, or vintage cabinets, a rocking chair, old suitcases.

Rustics By The Bay is located right on the main drag of Mitchell’s Bay.

“You are going to drive into Mitchell’s Bay and you are going to see Bob ‘N’ Buoys restaurant on your right. We are in the very first door of that restaurant. You will see some stuff outside. You will see decking and you will see the ice cream store and restaurant. So we are right in the Bob ‘N’ Buoys restaurant, first door but it is a whole separate area.

Rustic’s By The Bay features unique custom barn board and driftwood pieces, home décor, scarves, candles, mancave items, signs, gift ideas, and chalk painted pieces.

Their address is 20 Main Street in Mitchell’s Bay.

You can reach them by calling 519-784-7271 or give them a ‘Like’ on Facebook.

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