Getting creative at Rustics By The Bay

leslie rustics

Old barn board in the area is being given a second life, as the crew at Rustic By The Bay is turning the old wood into beautiful pieces of art.

Leslie Janssens, owner of the Mitchell’s Bay business, said they like to create pieces with driftwood, as well as barn board.

“We have made a lot lamps, coat racks, two end tables for beside a king size bed with three drawers in them, all out of 100 year barn board,” she said. “We can take barn board and make it into something whether it would be a bench or even shelving. If people just want some barn board, we have that too if they want to be creative on their own.”

Leslie added: “We like to keep it old. Barns that are 50 to 100 years old. You make the candle holders or the driftwood lamp. We like to do a lot to driftwood stuff.

Fixing up and beautifying old windows has been a popular option, Leslie said.

There are the ones with all the panes in them and I will make wreaths according to what colour. We did a bunch of them last year. Sometime people put pictures in them. We get a lot of different size of windows. Long and narrow. All different kinds,” she said.

Leslie said they’ll often have old chests for sale and a lot of wall decor items.

“We have metal art pieces. We have a family tree. We have a lab carving, all done in black. It is a leash holder. If you go outside there are ducks in the sunrise or sunset, however you want to look at it. So we have some metal pieces as well.”

Rustic’s By The Bay features unique custom barn board and driftwood pieces, home décor, scarves, candles, mancave items, signs, gift ideas, and chalk painted pieces. They are located at 20 Main Street in Mitchell’s Bay. You can reach them by calling 519-784-7271 or give them a ‘Like’ on Facebook.

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