Sunday, October 17, 2021

Letter: Doctor’s endorsement ignoring the ‘uniqueness’ of C-K


The information provided and expert opinion of the Medical Advisory Committee (MAC) of the CKHA is of great assistance to many as we try to understand why the closure of the Emergency Department at the Sydenham Campus is the best solution for a significant portion of Chatham-Kent, Walpole Island and the surrounding area in relation to any emergency care we may require.

If I understand you right, a patient in Port Lambton in cardiac arrest requiring resuscitation and immediate advanced medical intervention to save their life is better off being driven an additional 22 minutes, if perfect weather conditions exist, to Chatham for treatment or a person with an uncontrolled bleed or multiple injuries from an assault or accident is better served by driving a greater distance before any emergency care at a hospital can begin?

Does this mean any detriment of increased distance and time to an Emergency Department is cancelled out by the excellent one stop shopping the patient will receive once they arrive at the Emergency Department in Chatham? Is an additional 22 minutes of CPR in the back of an ambulance better than stopping at the Sydenham Campus Emergency Department because in Chatham they have more experienced staff and better equipment to save the person thus making any additional drive time of no concern to the patient’s outcome?

For years Sydenham District Emergency Department has provided lifesaving interventions, stabilization of patients and when needed facilitated the transfer of critically ill patients to larger centers, such as Chatham, London or Windsor for further lifesaving treatments. And this continues to this day.

All the front line health care professionals within both campuses of the CKHA are of equal importance and provide any person who presents to them in some type of distress the very best of medical care in a professional manner often under the most trying conditions. Each of them is to be applauded by us for what they contribute everyday to health care in Chatham-Kent.

The unanimous support of the MAC to support the best quality care for the entire Chatham-Kent community and their endorsement of the Capital Plan recommendations as presented by 66% of the tri board is their opinion of the best solution. To say it is the best quality care for the entire Chatham-Kent Community is to ignore the uniqueness’ found within each of the multiple communities which make up this Municipality.

CKHA officials say modern medicine is built on the principle that volume drives Quality. Oh yes, and that principle of bigger is better has worked so well in our governments. Give us a break.

Doug Babbitt


  1. Could we not take back all of Our Stuff,
    Start Our own Wallaceburg private Hospital,
    We as a community we Built and ran budget for so many years?
    Let’s do it Again. we need a new building anyway

  2. So I am looking at the Pie Chart and don’t understand why the purple section isn’t explained? Are they leaving out information so their numbers look good?
    Also are they really saying that the SC staff are incompetent because they do low volumes of critical procedures? Sounds like it.

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