Surf Culture Canada – Mitchell’s Bay (519) 919-7907

In our 16th year of operation, founded in 2000 by Tim Blanchard. We have pioneered the sport in Southwestern Ontario and are commited to the continued promotion of kiteboarding in the Great Lakes and Southern Ontario. With over 1000 lessons taught and 8000+ hours of combined lesson and riding time, Tim Blanchard is your kiteboarding authority in Ontario. We were the first to ride and discover every good riding location from Windsor to London and know all the best locations as we have explored every mile of Lake Erie, St.Clair and southern Huron.
Surf Culture Canada at a Glance:
A maximum 2-1 instructor-student ratio to ensure the highest standards of safety.
PASA certified instruction from instructors familiar with the local conditions.
Boat support (24 foot pontoon boat) used for all lessons with groups of over 3 people to ensure a prime lesson location, regardless of the wind direction.
Utilize high quality gear from the top kiteboarding manufacturers.
The best kiteboarding lesson locations in the Great Lakes, only accessible by boat.
Instructors certified in CPR and First Aid.
16th season of operation; since summer 2000 (1st in Great Lakes and Canada)
Head Instructor/Owner: Tim Blanchard B.Sc, B.Ed, High School Science Teacher (Naish N.A team rider 2001-06) Wipika Certified in 2001, PASA in 2002
School Operation:
Water Lessons: May 1 – October 1
Snow Lessons : Dec 15 – Mar 15
Snow Clinics : Dates to be announced depending on weather
Lesson Location: Mitchell’s Bay, Ontario, Canada

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