New owners take over No Frills in Wallaceburg

Tracey and Rob Basso (Dana Haggith)

No Frills in Wallaceburg has some new owners at the helm.

Tracey and Rob Basso took over ownership of the 2 Warwick Drive grocery store on February 5, 2017.

Rob said he is going to continue going down the same path created by the former owner, Chris Chaves.

“I think Chris did a great job, so I am going to continue in his same footsteps and keep that going for sure,” Rob told the Sydenham Current.

“Last year he won the Business of the Year award, so obviously he is well respected in the community and we hope to keep that same respect going forward.”

The Basso’s live with their family in Chatham, and they are excited to run the Wallaceburg store.

“Originally we are from London,” Tracey said.

“Employment moved us to Chatham in the industry so we have basically started growing some roots there. Our family is very happy to continue on close to home. We can all benefit from this. We live in Chatham, but we definitely enjoy Wallaceburg. It is a great little community and everyone seems so friendly. They have been really welcoming to us.”

The staff remains the same at the store, plus the addition of the Basso’s.

“The staff has been amazing for us,” said Rob, who has been in the grocery industry for 27 years.

“It is by far one of the more experienced staff I have had to deal with and I have been in a lot of stores through this program. I feel like I can come here and if I wasn’t here for a couple days, everything would be okay.”

Tracey said they plan on continuing to support the community as well.

“People have come to us with their letters in support, we do as much as we possibly can,” she said.

“This weekend actually is (a hockey tournament) and there are about 32 teams. We are not a big corporation and so we definitely do what we can. We like to help the community and show our support because they are doing that for us.”

Rob added they have done a couple of shopping spree fundraisers for local groups as well.

“Thank you to the community for supporting us,” Rob said.

“It has been pretty amazing as far as customers coming in here. People mention the other stores that are in town and say they would rather shop here.”

For their store hours and their weekly flier, check out No Frills online here.

– Photo credit: Dana Haggith

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