Monday, May 25, 2020

Pothole maintenance around the Municipality

As part of the Municipality of Chatham-Kent’s ongoing commitment to improve preventative maintenance activities, Public Works crews have begun to patch and repair potholes.

Potholes are caused when moisture enters a crack in the granular base below the surface asphalt, then freezes and expands during cold temperature periods.

The expansion puts pressure on the crack, causing the asphalt to break away, resulting in a pothole.

As vehicular traffic passes over the pothole, the sides crumble and the pothole size increases.

“As the weather continues to warm up, Public Works crews will be cold patching pot holes,” stated Miguel Pelletier, director of Public Works, in a press release.

“Once roadways are dry and clear of winter traction materials (salt and brine), and temperatures remain consistently above freezing, our crews will begin more permanent repair processes.”

Motorists are reminded to proceed carefully through standing water, as potholes may be hidden beneath the water.

In order to maintain safe working environments, motorists are also asked to reduce speeds and obey traffic control persons when passing road crews.

Some facts about potholes in the Municipality of Chatham-Kent:

– There are over 1,153 km of paved roadways in the Municipality

– Last year, 313 potholes were reported to Customer Service

Residents are encouraged to report the location of potholes on municipal roadways by phoning 519-360-1998, or by emailing

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