‘FordNation’ stops in Wallaceburg

Ontario PC Party leader Doug Ford visiting Wallaceburg, Ontario on Friday, April 20, 2018 (Aaron Hall)

Doug Ford, the leader of the Ontario PC Party, made a ‘whistle stop’ in Wallaceburg on Friday afternoon, April 20.

Ford and his team pulled up to Country Style Donuts in their campaign bus and met with Lambton-Kent-Middlesex MPP Monte McNaughton, along with dozens of other PC supporters.

Ford told the crowd inside the Dufferin Ave. shop that “help is on its way.

“It’s on its way for everyone in Ontario. Every policy we make is going to be beneficial to each and every single person in this province. I can’t wait for June the 7th to roll around and we’ll make sure we get this province back on track,” Ford said, adding that the taxpayers are going to start being respected.

“We’re going to lower taxes, lower hydro rates… get rid of the worst tax ever, the carbon tax. That is a tax they put the word carbon in front of, I don’t know why they put the word in front of it, it’s a tax.”

Ford said the Ontario PC Party is going to tackle the high hydro rates across the province.

“We have the highest hydro rates in North America… and there are a lot of things that make the hydro rates go up,” he told the crowd.

“Like the CEO, the $6-million dollar man as I call him, lining his pockets with your hard earned tax money… not only lining his pockets, but lining his buddies pockets with $14-million dollars of bonuses, multi-million dollar salaries.”

Ford added: “The party is over with the taxpayers money.”

The former Toronto city councillor said he has a proven track record.

“What I say I’m going to do, I do,” he said.

“I know it doesn’t relate to this area, but my record can relate to it. When we went down to city hall of Toronto we said we’re going to save the taxpayers money. We saved them $1-billion dollars. We said we were going to put money back in their pocket, we did. We held everyone accountable, even if it means cleaning out some of the top bureaucrats, like we’re doing with Hydro One, the fat cats at Hydro One and the cronyism.”

Ford said the Liberal elites and the Liberal establishment “is destroying this province.

“What they’re famous for is lining their pockets, feathering their nest. You have Kathleen Wynne’s hand in one pocket and you have Justin Trudeau’s hand in the other pocket and all they are doing is gouging the taxpayers of this province. It doesn’t make us competitive when we’re trying to create jobs, when we have the highest hydro rates in North America. We have more red tape and regulations than you have ever see in your entire life. We’re going to change that,” he said.

During his stop, which lasted about an hour, Ford said he would be repealing the sex-ed. curriculum in Ontario.

He also said he does’t believe in closing hospital or closing schools.

“We have to start listening to the front line people,” he said.

“Not a bunch of politicians… I call it the bubble, the Queen’s Park bubble. They get down there and they forget their roots. I believe in empowering the people, I don’t believe in empowering the government, that’s the worst thing you can do.”

Before entering Country Style on Friday, Ford was met by members of the Water Wells First group, who pressed Ford about the wind turbine and water well issues locally.

“I appreciate your passion, I appreciate you coming here,” Ford told the group.

“It’s a serious issue and we’re going to address it. I give you my word. I’ve been crisscrossing Ontario talking about wind turbines… I can’t stand wind turbines. I can’t stand how they are destroying areas and communities. I’m going to do everything that I can to, number one, halt any further wind turbine farms and I’m going to address the one’s already in.”

Ford added: “When you aren’t in power, your hands are tied. We’ll be in power on June 7 and we’re going to address it.”

While on the campaign trail through Chatham-Kent on Friday, Ford also visited Nooyen Farms in Blenheim and there was also a rally held at the John D. Bradley Convention Centre in Chatham in the evening.

Here are some photos from Ford’s stop in Wallaceburg:

– Photo credit: Aaron Hall

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