Sci-fi supernatural mystery series launched

The first installment of the Cliff Weller mystery series was set to be released on April 24, 2018 to all the major North American online sites including Audible, Amazon, iTunes, Walmart, Target, Chapters/Indigo, Barnes & Noble, and Downpour and to numerous outlets in Europe and Asia.

The show is available as a digital download and on MP3 CD.

Global distribution is by Blackstone Publishing of Ashland, Oregon.

It was written by Diane Vanden Hoven of London, Ontario

David Farquhar, Producer of Voices in the Wind Audio Theatre says: “We’re thrilled that British voice actor David Ault agreed to play the part of Cliff Weller. He did a superb job. Not only is David an accomplished actor, he also has a degree in astrophysics from Cambridge University.”

Also featured in the production were; Trisha Brown of Wallaceburg, Mary Ellen Herder, Keith Burnett, Laura Van Veen, Bill Tye, Alyssa Doherty, Bill Craven and Dan Lipinski all of Chatham, Noelle Dupuis of Huntsville, Robert Tymec of Windsor, James Hebblethwaite of Blenheim and George Zarr of Chicago.

The street kids included; Skylar Lumsden, Judah Skipper, Lindsay St. Peter, Mackenzie St. Peter, Coby Turner, Miranda Lucier and Meagan King.

The Geminus Conspiracy opens with down-on-his-luck Cliff Weller drinking his blues away at Nicky Congo’s Bar.

But the gearshift of his luck slams into fast forward when a baffling but attractive woman seeks his help in locating a runaway teenager.

Maybe it was the wad of cash she flashed or the scent of her perfume, either way, much to Cliff’s better judgment he was compelled to take on the case.

But of course not all is what it seems to be.

Through his investigation Cliff uncovers the Geminus Corporation a sinister organization involved in clandestine genetic experiments.

More details, here.

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