Friday, May 29, 2020

Wallaceburg Concert Band Christmas show a success

(Wallaceburg Concert Band)

The Wallaceburg Concert Band is thrilled after a successful Christmas show on Saturday, December 1.

The ‘Christmas Sleigh Ride’ concert was held at Wallaceburg District Secondary School in the Webber Auditorium

“I can’t start anywhere but with thank-you to everyone who chose to join us on Saturday night,” said Dave Babbitt, the musical director for the group, on social media.

“Our long-term goal has been reached in short order. Two years ago we set out to offer quality programs that would one day become must-attend events. Our first concert a year ago saw a mostly full auditorium. Our spring concert saw nothing but the odd empty seat and I can say without question that the this past Saturday saw the Webber Auditorium ‘uncomfortably’ full.”

Babbitt credited the members of the Wallaceburg Concert Band for making the evening a success.

“The success of our group is due to the dedication and hard work of our musicians and is in no-way of my doing,” Babbitt said.

“I suppose that one could say that I’m the ‘face of the operation’ but that just comes with my position as conductor and is in no way more important than the people at the end of the instruments. I love the fact that our musicians tend to hold one another responsible for their contributions and in the process, we have a whack of serious fun.”

Babbitt said while the band is starting to outgrow their rehearsal space, located in the former music room at WDSS, they are pushing forward and looking at possibly holding shows outside of Wallaceburg in the future.

Babbitt added the band will gather again in January to begin work on a whole new set of scores.

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