Saturday, September 26, 2020

Update: Teddy recovering after having his eye removed

(Dana Haggith)

Teddy went missing on Labour Day weekend and had many people in the area praying for his safe return.

A couple of days went by and he was discovered by his brother, Ben.

His parents Brandon Krisza and Brittany Smith were so happy to have him back.

Upon his return, Brandon and Brittany noticed he had eye damage.

After a check up with a veterinarian, it was determined that Teddy would need surgery to remove his eye.

The bill came to $2,284.76.

The family was informed by the veterinarian that Teddy’s injury was not from another animal, as there were no puncture marks.

Wallaceburg resident Lisa Holland, who has helped the family through this ordeal, told the Sydenham Current that the veterinarian said if a dog of Teddy’s size were hit by a car, it most likely would not have survived.

Holland said the veterinarian thought that someone may have tried to pick Teddy up, possibly leading to Teddy becoming scared and nipping at them.

Although the details cannot be confirmed, it is believed that Teddy was kicked.

“It was a blunt force trauma,” Holland said.

With such a large bill, Holland put a post on social media, asking for financial help.

Holland said she was happy to see many people answer the call and help.

Assistance came from “Coruna, Wilkesport, Chatham and Wallaceburg,” Holland said.

Specifically, Teddy’s family would like to thank:

– Emergency Animal Rescue Fund (E.A.R.F)

– Pet and Wildlife Rescue (P.A.W.R)

– Krisha Campbell

– Leah Klomstra

– Sammie Hardy

– Hollie Southgate

– Terry/ Amanda Sawchuk

– Brianna Clarke

– Amanda Dow

– Elizabeth McGee

– Matthew Kerr

– Cathleen Myers

– Melissa Duchene

– Joyelle Koch

– Loraine Bechard

– Ruth Baverstock

– Kathy O’Flynn

– ‘Rex the Chihuahua’

– Kim Shaw

– Ann Alexander

– Carrie Dekort

– Jane Boulanger

– Lisa Gagnier

Holland said the donations reached $1,570.

Brittany told the Sydenham Current that Teddy has run into a few things and has a bit of trouble with stairs still but is getting back to being himself.

Although he is more scared than before, Brittany said, adding that the veterinarian is confident Teddy will feel more calm as time goes by.

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