Friday, February 26, 2021

Wallaceburg Rotary donates to ‘Homes for Hope’

The Rotary Club of Wallaceburg has donated $10,000 to Homes for Hope – a non-profit organization, which aims to provide hope and improve the quality of life for people in El Salvador.

Rotary officials say teams travel to El Salvador several times a year to build new homes and distribute donated clothing, medical and school supplies.

They also bring bags of dried soup mix, dried apples, other foods and help with providing a source of clean water.

A team from the Wallaceburg area will travel to El Salvador again in about three weeks to build more houses.

Dana Haggith caught up with Mike deBakker, who continues to spearhead the initiative locally. Listen, here:

The photo shows Father Chris Gillespie, Dodi Gallerno, Wallaceburg Rotary President Sussan Londry and Mike deBakker.

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