Friday, February 26, 2021

Wallaceburg actor recognized by Western Ontario Drama League

Wallaceburg resident Dan White has been recognized by the Western Ontario Drama League.

White captured the Theatre Sarnia Memorial Award in memory of Don Poore for Outstanding Performance in a Major Role.

The award is in recognition of White’s role as Norman in The Dresser, a production by Theatre Kent.

White also serves as the chair for Wallaceburg & District Council For the Arts and is a member of the Wallaceburg Concert Band.

Tom Coatsworth also captured the Christopher Covert Memorial Award for Outstanding Cameo Appearance. Coatsworth played Geoffrey Thornton (Lear’s Fool) in Theatre Kent’s The Dresser.

“Congratulations to all who received honours in the Western Ontario Drama League today,” Theatre Kent posted on social media on Sunday, February 23, after the awards were announced.

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