Thursday, March 4, 2021

Chatham man shares his COVID-19 ordeal, says the virus ‘is no joke’

A 38-year-old Chatham man, who has tested positive for COVID-19, is sharing his story and ordeal through social media.

Luke Davidson wrote in a Facebook post that he received a phone call from the CK Public Health Unit today, March 28, 2020 advising him that his COVID-19 test had came back as positive.

“The lady I spoke with was extremely nice and very easy to deal with,” Davidson posted.

“We spent a lot of time going through timelines and people I’ve come into contact with, which were only three people. My father, sister and my buddy whom I went to Nashville with, all of whom are doing fine and do not show any symptoms.”

Davidson is one of two positive cases announced by the CK Public Health Unit on Saturday, the fifth and sixth positive cases in Chatham-Kent. Public Health officials said Davidson, who has been hospitalized, is in stable condition after returning from the U.S. on March 15.

The other case involves a 66-year-old man, who is self-isolating at home after coming into close contact with a visitor from Italy on March 14.

Davidson began posting about his ordeal on Friday, after he was admitted at the Chatham-Kent Health Alliance Chatham site.

“I want to be as clear as possible with this post, as I need everyone to know that COVID-19 is no joke,” Davidson wrote.

“The last week for me has been a rollercoaster with my health. Constant fevers, skin aches all over for days, lost my sense of smell and taste, dizzy feeling when I get up from sitting down. The last straw was when I spoke to one of my work’s in-house nurses and she said that since my symptoms are getting worse to call EMS right away.”

Davidson wrote that three EMS personnel showed up and brought him to the hospital.

“They were weaving in and out of traffic on Friday afternoon, sirens blaring,” he wrote.

After being isolated in the emergency room, medical staff began working on getting his fever down, including hooking him up to oxygen as his “levels were too low breathing on my own.

“Then they brought out this COVID-19 tester kit, which if you haven’t seen, is a seven-inch thin dip stick that they shove up your nose and spin it around, felt like it was tickling my brain. Not a fun test,” Davidson wrote.

He was in the emergency room for about three hours before his fever came down.

“I was sweating profusely as it broke,” he wrote.

“(The doctor) said that he wants to keep me for a few days to monitor my breathing especially because some positive COVID-19 patients breathing can turn from bad to worse quickly,” Davidson wrote.

“He feels that I will be okay as my self isolation is almost over, or so I (thought) anyway.”

Davidson said in his post that he didn’t anticipate getting the confirmation from his test for another six days.

“I am in good hands,” he wrote.

“The doctors and nurses here at CKHA are amazing and have been nothing but good to me. I have this huge hospital room to myself. Unfortunately I can’t have visitors, which is pretty self explanatory, just for everyone’s safety. I’ll keep everyone updated and as always, be grateful for everything. I will beat this.”

After publishing his original post on Friday, Davidson wrote on Saturday that he received several messages from friends all over the world.

“Thank you so much for your support,” he wrote.

“I was really amazed in how my story was shared so many times and how far it’s reached.”

Before getting the confirmation of his positive test, Davidson said his nurses and other staff were telling him they were 99 per cent sure his COVID-19 test would come back positive, as he checked off all of the boxes for both primary and secondary symptoms.

“The nurses were giving me Tylenol every four hours because my (temperature) was at 102 for days,” Davidson wrote.

“I definitely had a fever for much longer but I don’t have a thermometer at home and wasn’t taking anything for a fever. So I’m glad the fever is gone. My breathing is still not where they like it. I’m still connected to oxygen, with four line extenders so I can walk all around my big room.”

He added: “So what does it mean to me, being tested positive for COVID-19? Well I thought about this and I think it means that I become an advocate for this horrible virus that is killing people. You don’t have to be in your later years of life to get this. I am living proof of this as I just turned 38 five days ago. It is so important that we adhere to isolation rules and practice social distancing. I’m sitting here in my hospital room, pleading with you, please take this serious. You don’t want to be where I am. We will overcome this… but it will take time, so use that time wisely and be safe.”

Davidson wrote he truly began taking COVID-19 seriously when he read an Instagram post by Rudy Gobert, the first NBA player who tested positive for COVID-19.

“He wrote that he lost his sense of smell and taste,” Davidson wrote.

“As I read it, I immediately got a bit scared thinking to myself, ‘OMG I have COVID-19.'”

In his latest Facebook post on Saturday, Davidson said nothing much has changed, but he is improving.

“In order for me to leave the hospital, I have to have two negative COVID-19 tests 24-hours apart from each other,” he wrote.

“So let’s go and get healthy baby.”

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The World Health Organization (WHO) officially declared COVID-19 as a pandemic on Wednesday, March 11, 2020. Details, here.

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