Friday, June 5, 2020

Keeping a sense of humour during the COVID-19 pandemic

By Glen Turner – Special to the Sydenham Current

Thanks to Brian Horrobin for his inspirational column last week.

Perhaps a mention of something else is needed.

Despite all the confusion, suffering and stress, I’m suggesting that keeping your sense of humour might be something to consider.

Start your own mental list of phrases and sentences you don’t hear much any more!

Like… “Hey, where do you want to have dinner tonight?”

Or… “Let’s go dancing tonight!”

This list will be huge if you give it some thought, by the way.

How about new t-shirt designs?

Like… ‘Will Trade Food For Toilet Paper’, or ‘COVID-19: The Only Thing That Stops Canadians From Discussing The Weather’.

Additionally… if you find a good joke, call friends and share.

Share funnies on line.

Dig up old jokes, and re-circulate them.

We will get through this, by keeping faith AND a sense of humour.

Stay safe!

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