Thursday, July 9, 2020

Dog left unattended in hot vehicle, charges laid

Animal control officials in Chatham-Kent are reminding the public to not leave pets unattended in their vehicles during the summer heat.

Officials say on June 7, animal control officers responded to a call regarding a dog left unattended in a vehicle on Wellington Street West in Chatham.

Upon arrival, animal control officers found a dog in a locked vehicle, unattended, with all windows rolled up.

Officers took multiple temperature readings of the vehicle using a temperature gun.

The reading ranged from 30-50 degrees Celsius inside of the vehicle, as well, the animal started to show signs of distress, animal control officials say.

As animal control offices were taking steps to remove the animal from the vehicle, the owner arrived on scene.

The dog had been left in the vehicle for over an hour, animal control officials allege.

As a result, a 38-year-old Dover Centre man was charged with with ‘animal left unattended in a motor vehicle when weather conditions not suitable.’

“We would like to remind animal owners and motorists that even if the ambient temperature outside is cooler, the inside of a vehicle will heat up very quickly,” said Benjamin Van Eyk, manager of animal control in Chatham-Kent, in a media release.

“Within just 10 minutes in 24-degree weather the inside of a car can reach 38°C. Within half an hour it will be 50°C.”

If you see an animal left in a hot vehicle in Chatham-Kent, people can call animal control at 226-996-9969 or your local police service.

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