Wednesday, June 23, 2021

Wallaceburg Skating Club preparing for 2020/2021 season

The Wallaceburg Skating Club has announced they plan to go ahead with their 2020-2021 skating season.

“Some details still need to be finalized,” the club’s executive committee said in an email, adding that start dates and costs are still being worked out in collaboration with the Municipality of Chatham-Kent.

“Once details are released we will engage most likely in staggered entry to our programming.”

The club added: “Things will be very different this year, but the hope of WSC is to still learn new skills, make great memories, have fun and most importantly be safe while doing so.”

The club is encouraging parents to register their skaters by the end of the month.

“This information will be helping us to finalize the times for sessions and costs,” the club said. Deadline for registration for winter session is September 30, 2020. Unfortunately due to COVID limitations we will not be able to allow first time skaters at this time to register. Only skaters that have been previously registered with Wallaceburg Skating Club and meet the skate requirements can register at this time.”

Payments will be collected on the first night of skating at this point, unless notified otherwise prior to the season starting by email.

“Groups may be split to accommodate numbers to ensure safety of all skaters and coaches,” the club said, adding that parents are encouraged to indicate which day they prefer when filling out the registration form and if they would like private lessons.

“At this point, we are unsure if private lessons/ice time are available. The executive will revisit this if enough interest and may only be available during senior time/open ice time.”

The club said they are trying to ensure bubbles remain the same for sessions for the safety of skaters and coaches.

Due to COVID-19, all registration will be done online:

CanSkate Registration Form

Junior/Senior/Private Lessons Registration Form

Also due to COVID-19, the club has established following guidelines, which are subject to change, in coordination with The Municipality of Chatham Kent, Skate Ontario and Skate Canada:

– Health screening in the form of a questionnaire will be required to be completed with signature by parent at every session with the temperature being taken and recorded.

– Coaches and all junior/senior skaters will be required to wear masks (skaters may be able to take them off once they access the ice surface)

– CanSkaters will be required to wear masks until they put their helmets on and all helmets require a cage facemask.

– Parents will be required to wear masks and decision will be made by the Municipality if one parent can attend session with the child. No siblings will be permitted at this time.

– All skaters will be required to wear clean gloves at their session and parents will be responsible to ensure they are clean for each session.

– Skaters will be required to come to rink fully dressed with minimal belongings and recommended to come in skates with guards. Labelled sanitized space will be provided for guards for during the session.

– Sanitization stations are set up upon entry to arena and will be required to be used when entering as well as prior to skaters taking the ice.

– Precautionary measures are subject to change as required to ensure the safety of all skaters and coaches.

For program assistants, the club said at this point only skaters who are CanSkate stage one and up can register for programming.

“We are not offering learn to skate programming,” the club said.

“These skaters are able to fall down and get up on their own. Program assistants are important with programming and safety of the PAs is of upmost importance while helping with CanSkate. Please indicate if your skater is interested/willing to assist this year with our hands free approach. Skaters participating with program assistants will be under direct supervision of a coach.”

The club said their annual general meeting will take place on Wednesday, Sept 23 at 6:30 p.m. at the Knights of Columbus Hall, located on Baseline Road in Wallaceburg.

“Social distancing will be arranged as well as masks will be mandatory,” the club said.

“WSC is in dire need of board members for the 2020-2021 season. If you are interested in being a part of the executive please advise via email at Positions requiring immediate occupancy include treasurer, registrar and directors at large (three positions). More information is available if required regarding responsibility and description of the position. We really hope you will consider becoming a part of the board to ensure this season can be navigated as safely and challenge/issue free as possible.”

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