Monday, March 1, 2021

Credit Union donates $5,000 to Salvation Army in Wallaceburg

On Thursday morning, October 1, 2020, the Southwest Regional Credit Union made a donation of $5,000 to the Salvation Army in Wallaceburg.

“Traditionally, each of the four branches supports various events and agencies in the community,” Kelly Ash, a branch manager with Southwest, told the Sydenham Current in an email.

“This year has been challenging with the cancellation of nearly every event that we would support. The effect of this is that our community support program has not been distributed as normal.”

Ash said after much discussion and feedback, their senior management team selected four of the local foodbanks.

Ash added that Thursday’s presentation was on behalf of the staff of the Wallaceburg branch.

“The need never goes away, the many food drives that occur have been either cancelled or down sized significantly,” Ash said.

“Thanksgiving is right around the corner. We hope that this donation will inspire and encourage others to support the Salvation Army of Wallaceburg, an (agency) that provides so much for so many.”

Wallaceburg Councillors Carmen McGregor and Aaron Hall were invited to the presentation. Also in attendance were Allie Matthews, from the Salvation Army Food Bank, Diane Johnston, branch manager in Wallaceburg, and Glenn Wilson, the CEO of the Southwest Regional Credit Union.

Between Wednesday and Thursday, the Southwest Regional Credit Union donated $22,500 total to local food banks.

They have branches in Wallaceburg, Wyoming, Sarnia and Corunna.

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