Wednesday, March 3, 2021

‘Jammie Day’ for Hayden raises over $10,000

The inaugural ‘Jammie Day’, held in memory of Hayden Foulon last month, has been deemed a great success.

Officials with the Hayden Hope Foundation say a total of $10,327.67 was raised from the initiative.

“We can’t even believe it,” organizers said on social media.

“Our hearts are full, and we can assure you that the families this will help will have full hearts too.”

October 20, 2020 marked the first ‘Angelversary’ for Hayden.

Hayden’s Hope Foundation raises funds and awareness for children fighting cancer.

To learn more about the Foundation, and to donate, visit:

The group says they plan to hold ‘Jammie Day’ once again in 2021.

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