Wednesday, March 3, 2021

Second round of the Emergency Community Support funding issued in Chatham-Kent

The second round of the Emergency Community Support Fund has been dolled out in the community.

On October 5, 2020, United Way of Chatham-Kent launched a second call for applications for the Emergency Community Support Fund (ECSF), officials from the Canadian Red Cross, and Chatham Kent Community Foundation and United Way of Chatham-Kent, in a joint statement.

The fund provides financial support to charities and other qualified donees adapting their frontline services to support vulnerable Canadians during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The Government of Canada has released the balance of funding for ECSF which is being administered in collaboration with United Way Centraide Canada, Community Foundations of Canada and the Canadian Red Cross.

“Canadian charities and non-profit organizations play a vital role in our communities,” stated Ahmed Hussen, Minister of Families, Children and Social Development, in a press release.

“However, the COVID-19 pandemic is bringing real challenges to these important organizations. To get them to where they need, the Government of Canada is pleased to support these organizations through the Emergency Community Support Fund so that they can continue to help the most vulnerable members of our communities during the COVID-19 pandemic.”

On Monday, United Way of Chatham-Kent announced an update on the recipients of this second round of funding.

United Way of Chatham-Kent has received 22 applications for community programs and services that support vulnerable community members.

To date, six organizations have been approved for a total of $106,000:

$15,000 was invested in Family Service Kent – These funds will subsidize transportation services to help older adults (55+), persons with disabilities, and low-income families get where they need to be to be so can stay connected to services in the community.

$10,000 was invested in Maple City Centre for Older Adults – These funds will assist the organization with technology and provide the staff with the equipment they need to attend virtual meetings, access on-line resources, and provide online classes or training.

$11,000 was invested in R.O.C.K. Missions – These funds will allow the organization the stability of a paid Operations Manager position, so they can more effectively organize and utilize resources to be the outreach organization Chatham-Kent needs.

$30,000 was invested in Ska:na Family Learning to Centre – These funds will allow the organization to invest in a Case Manager who will strengthen and/or create relationships with education for governments and non-Indigenous organizations; and support the development of mutual respect and understanding.

$25,000 was invested in Big Brothers Big Sisters – These funds will provide “family activity boxes” for vulnerable youth which will give children something to look forward to; therefore, lowering the risks of depression/anxiety due to isolation and not feeling connected and empower the youth to develop their knowledge.

$15,000 was invested in New Beginnings ABI – These funds will support seniors who are survivors of brain injury or stroke by providing hot meals to members who don’t have either the means or the ability to cook. As well as subsidize transportation, allow the organization to continue guided exercise plans and purchase technology to provide socially distant support.

Chatham Kent Community Foundation also shared an update on the recipients of this second round of funding.

To date, five organizations have been approved for a total of $82,411:

$18,821 in the Acceptional Riders at TJ Stables – These funds will address the COVID-19 mental health and physical therapy crisis by implementing an increase in private and semiprivate equine therapy sessions with trained professionals.

$15,000 was invested in Learning Disabilities Association of Chatham-Kent – These funds will provide an extension for the “Backyard Camp” programing, offering free virtual activities, groups, fun events, and workshops for children and youth.

$15,000 was invested in the You Are Not Alone! program at St. Andrew’s Residence – These funds will add a temporary staff position & supplies to support individuals in isolation due to COVID-19 protocols.

$10,000 was invested in Chatham-Kent Hospice Foundation – These funds will support the need for additional staff hours as they look after hospice families.

$23,590 was invested in Blenheim Youth Centre / Tilbury Solid Rock Café – These funds will provide youth in Chatham-Kent the opportunity to engage in after-school recreational and social-skill building during COVID closures from the comforts of their own homes/spaces.

“When we collectively work together, we can ensure that there are services out there to help people in this community and to prevent duplication or fracturing of existing supports – by working together, we can ensure that forgotten areas in our community are not left behind and we are better prepared for the community’s rapidly emerging needs,” stated Steve Pratt, United Way of Chatham-Kent, in a media release.

“The Foundation is very proud to be working with Community Foundations Canada and our local partners in this collective effort to flow the funds provided by the Government of Canada to the most impacted populations in Chatham-Kent,” stated Ruth Hook, Chair, Chatham Kent Community Foundation, in a media release.

“We are thankful to the government for its support during this challenging time,” added Cathy Cabral, Canadian Red Cross, in a media release.

“We are pleased to be working alongside our community partners that provide vital services to individuals who are vulnerable to the impacts of COVID-19. I am truly honoured to be working in such a giving and caring community.”

The Emergency Community Support Fund (ECSF) is an investment by the Government of Canada to support charities and non-profit organizations serving vulnerable populations who are disproportionately impacted by the COVID-19.

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