10 Stories of Giving: Overwhelmed by generosity

Following their amazing toy donation initiative last month, and in time for the Christmas season, The Gift CK is sharing ’10 Stories of Giving’ stemming from their November 21 event, which includes personal accounts from local residents.

The Gift CK has asked the Sydenham Current to share these inspirational stories and we are happy to showcase them for 10 days straight, starting on Saturday, December 19, 2020.

Here is story #3:

As a long time volunteer I have never experienced generosity I did being part of the Gift.

Our community came together and made me think of how many peoples lives we have made better this year by giving Chatham-Kent a gift of Christmas.

My biggest moment was walking through the building and seeing how much Chatham donated I was truly left speechless and felt emotionally and overjoyed.

The overflowing warehouse was truly a big moment because we know that the donations were going to be someone’s life changing moment.

The Gift was going to change someone’s life and many people may not have asked for help if we did not hold this event.

What a defining moment in all my years of volunteering.

I say this because I know how it feels to have a life changing moment.

My mom was someone that found help over forty years ago and that help from the Chatham Goodfellows.

By her asking for help it changed our lives and started a chain reaction for our family.

Waking up as a little kid and seeing all the gifts under the tree and having food in our home, that was truly a great moment.

Believe it or not I remember the fruit we got!

Fruit was something we didn’t get a lot of as kids and still to this day I can smell the fruit and taste the rock candy.

These are memorable and smells can trigger me to think of Christmas as a kid.

I have since been with the Goodfellows for over 43 years from getting help from a organization.

I knew nothing about Goodfellows and giving until I was a little older.

It was actually ironic that the gifts I received in 1977 would set the stage in 2020 to help organize a Community event called The Gift.

This is a full circle moment in my life.

I’m truly honoured to have the opportunity to have helped plan and execute The Gift and make such a positive impact on so many lives.

A true privilege.

– Tim Haskell

“Christmas for so many Chatham-Kent residents have been changed for ever because of the efforts of so many,” says Mark Lush of Giant Tiger Chatham, the sponsor for the third story.

“There is no better feeling than knowing what you are doing is going to help someone have a better day.”

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