Tuesday, April 20, 2021

‘Bun The Barber’ hangs up his scissors in Wallaceburg

‘Bun The Barber’ is set to retire, after serving the community for over 68 years.

Bernard Lozon, 88, began his barbering career on April 6, 1953 in Wallaceburg, Ontario, his family posted on social media.

He bought his location from his father Clarence, who was also a barber.

“68 years of doing a personal service that you love is something to be very proud of,” Lozon’s family said.

“You are such a great role model for every age and never ever forget the difference you have made in so many lives. Whether it was a feel good haircut, a listening ear for your customers, teaching other stylists as well as your children to do a great barber cut, going to cut your customers hair when they were in hospital or at their homes… when that was allowed.”

Lozon’s family added: “Also we can’t forget the Juicy Fruit gum after the children sat for their haircut. You have had a huge influence on your family of hairstylists Clarence Lozon (father), Madlyn Dalton (sister), Karen Ruckle (daughter), Scott Ruckle (son-in-law), Jay Lozon (son), Ashley Norton (granddaughter), Braden Ruckle (grandson) and Chris Norton (grandson in-law). Now at the age of 88 years, your loving wife Rose Marie, your children and their families, nieces and nephews and friends are all so happy for you. Enjoy your retirement.”

Jay Lozon will still be working at the barber shop, located at 123 Nelson Street in downtown Wallaceburg.

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