Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Trinity United Church place ‘ribbons of hope’ on prayer tree

Members of Trinity United Church in Wallaceburg recently invited residents to place a “ribbon of hope” on their prayer tree, which is located in their Peace Garden at the church at 750 Wellington Street.

Church officials say they encouraged people to place a ribbon, say a prayer, and “initiate change” through the universal connection of prayer.

“Prayer is the universal language of hope,” church officials say.

“Its purpose is unity and connection within, with essence and with each other acknowledging that we are One. Prayer is action. It is setting an intention, with unwavering courage and expectation, knowing that our universal connection can make a difference as we pause in prayer.”

Church officials say prayer doesn’t have to be elaborate.

“A simple pause to breathe in deeply and release the universal breath that connects us sharing hope, love, joy, and peace with others,” church officials say, adding ribbons were placed on the tree “for a friend, a family member, for peace in our world, for love of all, for hope for our community, the children, and for those who need courage to cope every day.”

Church officials say to watch for future dates to place ribbons on the tree.

“Stay safe, stay strong, and continue in hope with unwavering prayers.”

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