Sunday, October 17, 2021

Floating Therapy (519) 397-4221

You may not realize this but we’re all operating with Covid burnout, our nervous systems have been operating in a great state of stress for almost 2 years. So what does this mean, how does it impact the body and what can we do? Floating is a great way to move from stressed & anxious to calm, relaxed and improve immune functions. Things like getting into nature, walking, meditating, anything you enjoy that can help you rest, relax and restore. 43 Victoria Ave Chatham.

Sunday night floats are back! Please keep in mind we are still required to operate by appointment. Mon 10-8pm

Tue Closed

Wed 10-5pm

Thur 10-8pm

Fri 10-8pm

Sat 10-2pm

Sun 4-8pm

MASSAGE – don’t forget to book your end of year with Shemiah before benefits run out. Oct -Dec are often incredibly busy for RMT’s. Call to book 519-397-4221 or book online

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