Sunday, October 17, 2021

Wallaceburg Denture & Hearing Clinic

The Chatham-Kent Denture Specialists make Dentures exclusively for their patients; they are experts in the design, fabrication, insertion and adjustment of removable and implant Dentures.

Our denture clinics pride themselves in using materials which are healthier for the mouth. They offer complimentary consultations and their services are covered by dental insurance plans. The goal is always to create your best smile.

Chatham Location

56 Grand Ave. E.,
Chatham, ON,
N7L 1V6

Phone: 519.352.1600
Fax: 519.352.1800

Wallaceburg Location

828 Dufferin Ave,
Wallaceburg, ON,
N8A 2V4

Phone: 519.627.7224
Fax: 519.627.5144

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