Saturday, June 3, 2023

Paul Glasgow

Paul Mitchell Glasgow peacefully passed away at the Chatham Kent Health Alliance on August 3, 2022.

A good man deserves honour and tribute when he passes. Our father, Paul Mitchell Glasgow, was a good man, well-respected by his peers and loved by family and friends.

Dad was a local farmer first and foremost, a negotiator for the Ontario Vegetable Growers’ Marketing Board, and a pioneer in the transition from hand-picked to machine-harvest tomatoes in Southwestern Ontario. He was also known as a local league bowler, a contributor to the Wallaceburg Moose Lodge and for a while, host of the annual Winternationals Popcorn Popoff (if you weren’t there, you’ll never know…).

In the first half of his life, communities were close, distances were short, and traditions were universally understood and observed. Today, a hot August day in his 83rd year, his community is scattered to far-off homes, cottages, and some have even moved on to the Next Great Adventure. I hope that Buzz and Bill and the rest of the gang are greeting his arrival on their side with smiles, the usual affectionate insults, and a cold beer!

But Dad’s final years were quiet; he didn’t want to be a bother to anyone. And so in that spirit we’ve kept arrangements minimal and will informally lay his ashes to rest in Dresden Cemetery alongside generations of his pioneer ancestors. All who wish to honour him are welcome to join us there on Monday, August 8th at 2 pm, and to say a few words, if you like. He loved hosting parties at his home in Wallaceburg, and we’ll have his favourite music and refreshments there afterward, for those who want to stop in.

He loved to understand how things work and was a patient teacher, so in honour of that, and his love of the land, we suggest a donation to the 4H organization in lieu of flowers.

Paul is survived by his daughter, Heidi and son, Timothy, as well as his brothers, Archie and Jim, and sister Kathleen. He was predeceased by much-loved spouse Silvia (née Nowakowski), sister Margery and brother Tom.

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