IODE Awareness Week recognized with a flag raising in Chatham

The IODE (Imperial Order Daughters of the Empire) Awareness Week was recognized on Monday by raising the IODE Corporate Flag at the Civic Centre in Chatham.

Municipal officials say the IODE is a women’s charitable organization in Canada that focuses on children, education and community service.

The organization was founded in 1900 to promote and support the British empire and its soldiers.

Currently, the IODE provides scholarships, bursaries, book prizes and awards, and pursues other philanthropic and educational projects in various communities across Canada.

“This week is designed to showcase IODE Chapter good works across Canada,” said Marianne Johnstone, an IODE member, in a media release.

“The theme for this week is ‘Service to Others’ and was chosen to acknowledge the commitment that Princess Elizabeth II made on her 21st birthday. We also commemorate The Platinum Jubilee and now the passing of Her Majesty Elizabeth II.”

Several members of Chatham-Kent Fire, as well as members from the local IODE Chapters, attended the ceremony.

On behalf of Mayor Darrin Canniff, Councillor Karen Kirkwood-Whyte spoke words of affirmation and officially raised the flag to commemorate the occasion.

“Today is an opportunity to acknowledge the significant work that has been done and to pay tribute to an organization that has focussed on bringing women together who want to make a positive difference in the lives of children, youth and those in need,” Councillor Kirkwood-Whyte said, in a media release.

Chatham-Kent is represented by four IODE Chapters: Confederation Chapter in Ridgetown, Catherine McVeen Chapter in Dresden, Kent Regiment Chapter in Chatham, and Captain Garnet Brackin Chapter in Chatham.

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