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Call JP Zanki at 519-436-9105.

He has been in the HVAC industry for over 30 years, and initially started his career in the the Sheet Metal industry which requires a 9000 hour apprenticeship. During this time, he acquired his gas fitter license which took him into the service field where he completed a commercial refrigeration air conditioning apprenticeship of 9000 hours.

He has worked on almost every style of commercial building other than a sports stadium. He also has completed a large amount of residential projects for both new and existing homes.

In 2013 he ventured west to Alberta for 5 years working for larger companies, making many good friends along the way. Edmonton was his base, and he was lucky enough to experience and work in both Alberta, and Ontario which was a great experience.

When he decided to start West Air Heating & Cooling, He named it West Air to remind him of all the great people he got to know and called a friends, and the experiences that he had out west which he values greatly. It gives him great pride to see the West Air name, as it reminds him that a great work ethic has to be in place in order to succeed in the heating and cooling industry.

At West Air Heating & Cooling, JP believes that you, the customer deserve to be treated fairly, and that all products and services should be provided in both a professional and timely manner.

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