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The World Alzheimer Report (2015) suggests that the number of people across the world living with dementia amounts to approximately 50 million. The World Health Organization (2021) estimated that as many as 500 million people worldwide have disabling hearing loss.

Although there is no general agreement concerning what is cause and effect in the relationship between hearing loss and cognitive decline, several possible mechanisms have been proposed:

1) It is harder for those hard of hearing to understand speech as this requires an increased allocation of cognitive resources

2) Genetics or microvascular insufficiency

3) Changes in the brain due to receiving lower auditory input

4) Indirect increased risk through social isolation and depression

There is a risk of underestimating cognitive abilities among people with poor hearing loss because many tasks in cognitive assessment rely on intact hearing. Therefore, a hearing assessment is recommended if there is a suspicion of cognitive decline.

At All Ears, we can assess your hearing abilities and treat your hearing loss to allow you to access speech and sounds to your full potential.

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