Jean Bolt celebrates 93rd birthday by visiting a pottery display in her honour at the Wallaceburg & District Museum

The Wallaceburg and District Museum had a special visitor recently, who was celebrating her 93rd birthday.

The Museum had a new display installed recently, mainly featuring Jean Bolt’s pottery, as well as some of her other art pieces.

When the display was ready for viewing, Bolt came in to visit and it happened to be her 93rd birthday.

“Jean came to Wallaceburg in her early 20’s from Saskatchewan and started working in the design department at the Dominion Glass Factory,” Kaelyn Gregory, curator at the Museum, told the Sydenham Current.

“Through her work there she found a love for clay as an artistic medium, which eventually led to her starting ‘The Pottery Barn’ from her home, which was a very successful business for years.”

Gregory added: “We decided we needed to celebrate her.”

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