J.B. Knowles launches his first LGBTQ science fiction fantasy novel: “Oathtaker: Broken”

Brian Knowler, pen name J.B. Knowles, has written his first sci-fi fantasy book titled “Broken,” the first installment in the “Oathtaker” trilogy. Chatham-Kent author Brian Knowler, using the pen name J.B. Knowles, presents a fast-paced story in his debut book, Oathtaker: Broken.

The book follows the adventures of Elven protagonist Katya Greenleaf, who has taken a blood oath to hunt down and eradicate evil in all its forms.

Knowles’ book expands on his lifelong love for fantasy works, as he first created the lead character Katya and the Greenleaf family during high school as role-playing characters.

Despite pursuing a career in justice and mental health and successfully writing several books in those areas, Knowles always kept Katya and her fantasy world in the back of his mind.

Finally, during the COVID pandemic, J.B. had the opportunity to fully develop Katya’s world on paper as an escape from reality.

“With some time and inspiration, I found the chance to breathe new life into these characters and the adventures I had been creating in my head for over thirty years,” said Knowles, in a media release. “Once I sat down and started writing, the words just flowed onto the page non-stop. I’m incredibly excited to share this book with the world.”

When Knowles approached Turns & Tales as the venue for his book launch, the staff at the popular local bookstore and board game cafe warmly embraced the idea.

“We have active sci-fi, fantasy, Dungeons & Dragons, and cosplay communities that gather here regularly,” said Rachel Wilton, Cafe Team Leader at Turns & Tales, in a press release.

“When J.B. shared more details about his book, we realized how we could combine J.B.’s book theme with the existing groups sharing their interests here and make it an even more enjoyable event for everyone.”

The Turns & Tales cafe team will enhance the event by offering themed non-alcoholic and alcoholic beverages and snacks inspired by different elements from Knowles’ book.

“The staff at Turns & Tales have been amazing since they heard about my book,” said Knowles. “They’re incredibly supportive of local authors and are also big supporters of cosplayers in our community. I’m thrilled to combine my interests in cosplay and fantasy, my book, and introduce Katya Greenleaf and her 2SLGBTQIA+ story to the world. I’m also looking forward to seeing the costumes and outfits people will wear to the event!”

Knowles will host his official book launch, including a public reception, author’s talk, and book signing, on Thursday, May 18, at 7 pm, at Turns and Tales, located at 213 King Street West in Chatham, Ontario.

Cosplayers, role-playing groups, and Dungeons & Dragons enthusiasts are all welcome to attend. The event is free, and everyone is invited.

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