‘Birds Eye View’ CCTV camera project set to expand in Wallaceburg, Dresden & other C-K communities

Municipality of Chatham-Kent Council has approved expanding the Closed-Circuit Television System project ‘Birds Eye View’, which will deploy additional cameras at core locations in downtown Chatham, Wallaceburg, Blenheim, Ridgetown and Tilbury.

Chatham Councillor Marjorie Crew entered a successful amended motion to include Dresden, Wheatley and Thamesville in the project.

The total cost of the project will be $989,315 to install cameras in all of the communities listed above.

Crew’s motion also directed that the capital costs of $346,493 be funded from the strategic reserve and the operating costs of $108,884 be funded from the strategic reserve for 2024, and ongoing operating budget impacts be addressed as part of the 2025 annual budget update, including possible offsetting grant opportunities.

After a pilot project was approved in 2020 for downtown Chatham, Chatham-Kent Police Service Chief Gary Conn said the next goal and phase of the project was to further enhance security in downtown areas in Chatham-Kent and expand the CCTV program.

“CKPS continues to monitor solutions that bring additional capabilities, reduce costs and future-proof the investment in the technology,” Chief Conn said in a report to Council.

“A well-designed and operated CCTV system is a cost-effective and reasonable response to crime in the core areas. Throughout the pilot phase, engagement with other Law Enforcement Agencies (LEAs) has continued to monitor the progression of CCTV capabilities, and review Government initiatives and changes to various acts and legislations to ensure the solution not only meets current needs but has a focus on future requirements in the prevention and detection of criminal activities, as well as public and officer safety.”

Conn said three special event/ADHOC cameras for major incidents or public/special events will also be included in this project, and more cameras added across the municipality as required.

“The incidents noted on the crime maps include, but not limited to, stolen & motor vehicles collisions, theft, suspicious persons, assaults, break & enter, drug related offences and missing persons,” Conn added.

Read Chief Conn’s report, here.

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