Following a report of two black bears spotted in the Tupperville area during the early morning hours on June 18 (full story here), another report of a black bear was reported to police.

Chatham-Kent Police Service officials say this bear was observed on Saturday afternoon (June 16) in a wheat field on Pollard Line near Port Road.

The Chatham-Kent Police Service and the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry (MNRF) would like to remind residents:

– Generally, bears want to avoid humans. However, if a bear is posing an immediate threat to personal or public safety, please call 911.

– For non-emergencies the MNRF operates a BearWise Reporting Line toll-free at 1-866-514-2327; Hearing Impaired (TTY) 1-705-945-7641. The Bear Wise reporting line is available 24/7 from April 1 – November 30.

– Most human-bear encounters occur when bears are attracted by smells, so removing potential attractants will help avoid unwarranted visitors. Knowing what to do if you come across a bear – and keeping your property free of bear attractants – is being Bear Wise.

If you do spot a bear:

– Remain calm and do not run, climb a tree or swim.

– Slowly back away while keeping the bear in sight.

– Watch the bear and wait for it to leave, if it does not leave wave your arms and make noise.

– If you are near a building or vehicle, get inside as precaution.

Visit for more information.