Monday, July 26, 2021

Lev Tahor saga continues

Photo by Jim Blake - The Chatham Voice
Photo by Jim Blake – The Chatham Voice

The saga of the Lev Tahor group continues to develop on a daily basis.

Two more Lev Tahor children were apprehended by children’s aid officials on Sunday at the Calgary airport, a 17-year-old and her infant daughter.

This come after six children, who had been held in Trinidad and Tobaggo, were appredended by Chatham-Kent Children’s Services officials on Saturday night.

A spokesperson with the Jewish sect, confirmed in multiple reports that the other six children are currently in Guatemala.

The Chatham-Kent police are being tight lipped about the case.

In an e-mail over the weekend, Inspector Jeff Littlewood stated he could not discuss the case .

“I am not in a position to comment on that,” he wrote. “The Crown Attorney has been made aware of the all the circumstances and will decide how to proceed.

We spoke with Sgt. Gabe Tetrault of the Chatham-Kent Police Service today, who told us an update would be released by the CKPS around the lunch hour.

We have yet to see such information.

Last week members of the Lev Tahor group were set to appear in Chatham court to hear the results of their appeal of Quebec child apprehension order.

The case was put over, as members of the group along with the children subject to the order, fled the country.

We’ll provide more information about the case as it becomes available.

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