Thursday, June 4, 2020

C-K agriculture in the provincial spotlight

CK Agriculture (6)

For three years, a local group of volunteers and farmers have been organizing the Chatham-Kent Table (CK-Table), a farm to-plate event that features locally grown food from Chatham-Kent farmers and artisans.

The CK-Table has been nominated for an Ontario Culinary Tourism (OCTA) Award.

The OCTA awards celebrate people and businesses in Ontario that are committed to building economies and cultivating culture trough local food and drink.

The CK-Table has been nominated for the 2014 Culinary Tourism Event of the Year.

Paul Spence has been leading the CK-Table since it’s inception three years ago and is proud that CK is getting noticed for a sector that is very close to his heart.

“After three years of working with local farmers, it still astonishes me how much food Chatham-Kent provides for consumers but, yet, few people know much about CK and our agricultural power,” he said. “I am so proud for our farmers, artisans and for our municipality, in getting the provincial recognition we deserve.”

Spence also feels that Chatham-Kent agriculture awareness is starting to make some headway

“We are starting the dialogue and waking people up to the fact that Chatham-Kent is a big agricultural player and our farmers and artisans are at the center of that awareness.”

This year, the CK-Table stepped up their game by using Toronto based Branding and Advertising agency BRANDam to initiate a full-scale brand re-launch.

BRANDam collaborated locally with Brent Foster, from Foster Visuals and Brandon Houston from Logix Design Studio, to bring the creative to life.

Foster’s cinematography work and video campaign was instrumental in getting CK-Table provincial, national, and even, international recognition that helped CK-Table take a big step forward.

Foster is honoured to be part of such an inspirational project.

“To help the community that I grew up in receive this kind of provincial recognition is an honour for me,” Foster said. “It is exactly the type of awareness that we need and can build off.”

The OCTA awards are taking place on November 13th, 2014. Although awards were not part of the plan, Spence and his group of volunteers are not bashful to admit winning is now the goal.

“Being nominated is great, but now that we are up for it, we want this for CK,” Spence said.

For more information about CK-Table, visit their website here:

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