Thursday, May 28, 2020

Ford Escape: State of the art, high loyalty vehicle

Probably the highest loyalty vehicle at Progressive Ford in Wallaceburg, besides the F150, is the Ford Escape.

“People that have Escapes, buy them again,” said Jered Sweet, general sales manager at Progressive Ford in Wallaceburg.

“Escapes are the number one selling vehicle in their segment. They are completely new as of 2013. Its not the same as an older Escape. It looks nothing like it now.”

Sweet said the Escape has state of the art technology.

“All of the technology you get is shared between all of our vehicle lines. So you can get automatic parking, you can get the power hatch. All the voice activated systems are pretty much standard in all of our vehicles. You can actually talk to your vehicle. You can tell it what you want to tell it, you change the temperature with your voice, change the radio station with your voice and you can change who is talking back to you,” Sweet said.

“You can get in with the navigation system and say ‘I’m hungry’ and it will ask you where you want to go and show you how to get there. You can search by points of interest, arenas and more.”

Sweet said these systems are available from other manufacturers, but Ford’s is “pretty advanced and user friendly and it’s getting better.

“They are about to roll out the ‘Sync Three’ system in the fall which is suppose to be even better and more user friendly. Upgraded software is always available,” he said.

The Escape comes in front wheel drive and all wheel drive, is available in three choices of engines and can tow up to 3.500 lbs. when it’s properly equipped.

“It’s a good vehicle,” he said.

Progressive Ford is located at 6975 Base Line in Wallaceburg.

They can be reached at 519-627-3400 or online at

Here are some photos of the 2015 Ford Escape:





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