Sunday, May 31, 2020

North Kent Krown: Fast, efficient, environmentally friendly


John Veenema, owner of North Kent Krown, says there are a few factors that helps separate his new Wallaceburg rust proofing facility and car cleaning facility apart from the competition.

“Efficiency, speed, and using very environmentally friendly products,” Veenema said.

“We do the vent system in the vehicle with a product called Spring Fresh. It is a Krown developed product called MC89 Spring Fresh. We do the interior panels with a non-silicon application product. It’s a topical application called MB75 Pro Gloss.”

Veenema said when a regular Krown application is done, North Kent Krown does some partial detailing.

“When we Krown a vehicle we always make sure that the whole entire outside of the vehicle is washed before it leaves our facility. So every vehicle that is rust proofed is washed. Our vehicle product does not stick to mud, so if a vehicle comes in with a lot of excess mud underneath, it’s required to be power washed underneath and there is an additional charge for that.”

North Kent Krown is located at 740 Gillard St. and is opening up this week.

Give North Kent Krown a call at 519-627-3777 or visit them online at

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