Monday, March 8, 2021

Greenhouse recoveries jumps to 49, no new COVID-19 cases in C-K

The number of recoveries from the COVID-19 outbreak at Greenhill Produce in Kent Bridge has climbed to 49. Also, the CK Public Health Unit has announced no new positive cases of COVID-19 across Chatham-Kent for the fifth day in a row.

C-K’s total number of confirmed cases remains at 89.

A total of 51 of the confirmed cases in Chatham-Kent overall, are the result of the outbreak at Greenhill Produce, which was declared on April 27, 2020. Only two of these cases remain active.

There are now only six active cases across Chatham-Kent, no one is hospitalized and one person has died.

The total number of recoveries overall has jumped to 83.

In total, 2,039 COVID-19 tests have been administered to date, while 23 tests are pending.

The CK Public Health Unit updates their ‘current situation’ page daily by 12:30 p.m.

See the latest information and data, here.

For more information about COVID-19, residents are asked to visit or call the CK Public Health COVID-19 intake line at 519-355-1071 ex. 1900.

Visit Ontario’s website, to learn more about how the province continues to protect Ontarians from COVID-19.

The World Health Organization (WHO) officially declared COVID-19 as a pandemic on Wednesday, March 11, 2020. Details, here.

For a list of local cancellations, postponement and further updates, click here.

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