Monday, March 8, 2021

Battery Boy – Park Ave E. Chatham. Cold Weather Alert!

A vehicle that is not driven often is susceptible to a frozen car battery. Even when turned off, our vehicles are slowing draining the battery. If you are not driving your car at least 20-30 minutes per week, you may have a partially discharged battery. Idling your vehicle does not provide enough power to the battery, it needs to be driven.
Frozen batteries are NOT covered by any manufacturer warranty. Batteries can freeze if the battery is discharged, any voltage less than 12.1v is at risk. Consider investing in a battery charger/maintainer. They will help keep your battery topped up even if you aren’t using your car very often. Just make sure to unplug them before you drive!
If you are concerned about your battery’s state of health, Battery Boy offers free battery testing, call today for an appointment! 519-354-4127

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