Tuesday, April 20, 2021

Thames Art Gallery and the Chatham-Kent Museum reopening March 12

The Thames Art Gallery and the Chatham-Kent Museum are set to re-open their doors on March 12, after the latest province-wide lock-down.

Municipal officials say admission is free to both, but registration is currently required in order to ensure the safety of all.

Please book your visit 24 hours in advance at their respective websites.

For the gallery visit www.chatham-kent.ca/TAG.

For the museum, visit www.chatham-kent.ca/CKMuseum.

The Thames Art Gallery is currently presenting “The Landscape in Flux” featuring two Chatham-Kent photographers who respond intuitively to the fluidity of the world around them.

Each artist presents a very personal vision while sharing themes of presence, impermanence, and the insistent reach of nature’s power.

Together, Scott Taylor and Mike Blazek explore the unsettled yet persistently beautiful place the landscape occupies for the people of Chatham-Kent.

This is a family friendly exhibition and advance registration is currently required.

Hours at the gallery are Wednesday through Saturday 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. for pre-booked visits.

Scott Taylor is a cartographer by training and a world traveller.

Taylor’s relationship to the landscape is wrapped in the slow passage of time.

He approaches his subject with quiet observation.

Shooting predominately in black and white, the artists vision of Erieau and area shorelines alternate between serene beauty and unpredictable power.

Mike Blazek was born in Czechoslovakia and travelled extensively before making Chatham-Kent his home.

Blazek’s practice engages time through his investigations of the in-between.

Using an in-camera technique to layer and abstract his subject, Blazek physically moves the camera during exposure.

He further questions the idea of presence by projecting his images directly onto architectural and material elements within the gallery space.

The Chatham-Kent Museum main floor exhibition gallery is currently featuring “Collecting Dust” touring visitors through an eclectic attic space.

A trip to the attic is an adventure waiting to happen and an invitation to imagine and discover old and new family stories in the community.

The adventure continues in the Imagination Station.

This month, visitors celebrate the coming of spring with the theme, “Bring on the Sunshine!” New crafts and activities are as fresh as the daffodil bulbs peeking through the melting snow and the virtual Kids Club revels in the increasing sunshine.

Online registration is required for Virtual Kids Club.

“Out in the Open” is a visible artifact storage area in the exhibition galleries of the museum.

Visitors can grab a flashlight and peruse almost 5000 artifacts from the museum’s small three-dimensional artifact collection.

Over 2000 photographs of artifacts stored in the “Out in the Open” exhibition are available online as well at www.vitacollections.ca/CKMuseums

The Museum reopens on March 12 with opening hours Wednesday to Friday 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.

Gift shop is also available to registered guests.

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