Monday, October 3, 2022

Do we have a choice?

By Rev. Sharon Campbell Rayment

Are we free to make our own choices or are our lives predestined?

Uh oh! Now I’ve started it! But honestly what do you think?

This week our reading was from Jeremiah 18:1-13. Jeremiah has been directed by God to go to the potter’s house.

Have you ever watched someone make pottery? Jean Bolt one of our members is well known for her beautiful pottery.

The way Jean would make it versus the potter in Jeremiah’s time would be different for sure. Yet the spinning wheel, the potter’s guiding hands, the care and detail would all be the same.

And when the potter found a blemish, or if the clay was not forming as the potter would like, she would return it to a neutral form as a lump of clay again.

Rather than discard it, for its original form remains good, malleable, and open, she would begin again to spin it, lift it, shape it, and design it.

God says to Jeremiah, “Can I not do with you as this potter has done?”

The potter didn’t throw out the clay just because it had a blemish.

The potter kept working with the original substance because it was good and had the potential to be more than just a lump of clay. Within it was the potential for purpose and promise as a vase, jug, or cup.

What lay within the lump of clay was more than just dirt.

I believe this is what God is saying when he indicates to Jeremiah that God can do with us what the potter has done with the clay.

Within each one of us is more than just dirt and clay. What lay within us is the Essence of God. The original substance. And it is “good and very good.” (Genesis

As Henry David Thoreau states, “What lies behind us and what lies ahead of us are tiny matters compared to what lies within us.”

Regardless of blemishes, struggles, or wrong turns you feel you have made, the Essence of God lay within you.

You are “wonderfully made” as Psalm 139 proclaims.

Within you is hope and promise. If you feel lost and alone, try to quiet your mind, reconnect within, and pause to sense the inner presence of God in each breath.

We can choose to connect to this inner Essence to reboot our minds to hope, our hearts to our passions, and our souls renewed.

God as our potter reshapes us to reconnect with our original substance that lay within us that is “good and very good.”

In any circumstance we have choice. Choice to reconnect with this original substance and essence and remain aware and present to the gifts, power, purpose, and love within ourselves, and in each person we meet.

In this we can be remolded to find inner peace and hope. “Peace that surpasses all understanding” as we connect to God within and the goodness and potential in the clay, the original substance, from which we were formed.

Until next time, remember every breath we take is a breath of God and Unites All My Relations as One. One Breath ~ One Heartbeat ~ One Song.

Many blessings, Rev. Sharon

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