Saturday, September 26, 2020

Carol’s Custom Crafts – Next to O’neil Tire in Wallaceburg

In support of the Chatham Kent by-law that has been recently passed, we ask all shoppers to follow the new protocols of “wearing a mask” to be respected at our family business. We as a business have done everything in our power to protect our customers throughout the Covid 19 pandemic. Has it been easy? Well, initially during the start of our season we were not able to open, then we were able to do so only under curbside stipulations, then finally when we could open, we had to comply with limits of customers visiting our store along with providing a safe shopping experience. We believe that we have done the best that we could possibly have done during this pandemic. In hopes of being able to stay in stage 3 and move to stage 4, eventually down the road, we hope that you will support us in this next step of continuity within the Chatham Kent community. Thank you for your continued support during a difficult time. We look forward to providing you with excellent service into the fall and winter months. Can’t wait to show you our fall and Christmas items soon. Stay tuned The mask by-law starts this Friday at 12:01am. Please don’t forget!

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