Wednesday, August 5, 2020

Mailbox: Filling LW and Sobey’s; Golden Maddy; ‘No fair’

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Here is a run down of what you will see in this weeks Sydenham Current Mailbox!

– Poll question results for: “What Wallaceburg sign would you like to see replaced with a brand new business/organization?”

– ICYMI (In Case You Missed It): Madison Broad, new Lakers logo and the Dresden Exhibition!

– Hot topic: Wallaceburg fair axed

– New poll question

wallaceburg liquidation world sobeys


“What Wallaceburg sign would you like to see replaced with a brand new business/organization?”

– Sobey’s 27.69% (18 votes)

– Liquidation World 27.69% (18 votes)

– Pizza Hut 13.85% (9 votes)

– Jesse’s 12.31% (8 votes)

– D.A. Gordon Public School 7.69% (5 votes)

– Kent Tavern 6.15% (4 votes)

– Other 5% (3 votes)

Total Votes: 65


Did you happen to see our sports section explode this week with new about 13-year-old swimmer Madison Broad?

She had an amazing week at the Age Group National Championships in Winnipeg:

– Madison Broad wraps up Nationals with four medals

– Madison Broad scoops up another medal

– Wallaceburg’s Madison Broad is golden again

– Madison Broad captures national gold

madison broad wallaceburg swimming


It was the 139th annual Dresden Exhibition this past weekend!

Here is our coverage:

– Dresden Exhibition Finishes up for 2014

– Lots of fun at the Dresden fair, see photos

– Lindsay Martin crowned as Dresden Fair Ambassador

– Parade kicks off the Dresden Exhibition, see photos

– Dresden Exhibition 2014 gets under way, see photos

dresden ex 2014


The Wallaceburg Lakers have a brand new logo.

What do you think?

wallaceburg lakers logo

wallaceburg fair


Wallaceburg fair axed

We got the word last week from Carter Shows that the fair would not be stopping in Wallaceburg this year.

Some people were not too happy about it.

Heather on Facebook said: “Well that sucks was gonna bring boys there but guess not thanks wallaceburg.”

Ryan on Facebook said: “I’m sure it had something to do with Chatham needing something more importantly. They probably didn’t even book the parking lot for carter shows to begin with.”

Amy on Facbook said: “Just as I suspected…. There are going to be many disappointed kids this year… Good job Wallaceburg.”

Alissa on Facebook said: “I am happy it is cancelled it is nothing but a waste of money i would rather see Wallaceburg put more emphasis and effort in to bringing wambo back tp what it was ten yrs ago then a stupid fair.”

Joe Ann on Facebook said: “This really sucks.There is nothing for the kids to do and now they even take the fair from them.I enjoy seeing all the kids getting together and having fun.I also enjoy wambo but as far as my little guy there is nothing there for him to do .Wambo seems more towards adults and teens but what about the kids that are younger.”

Misty on Facebook said: “That is ridiculous … I feel for the families that have no way to go to other fairs …”

Cody on Facebook said: “That’s bullsh*t!”


This poll is also posted on the homepage of the Sydenham Current!

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